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Welcome to the Dumbgeon! We're a D&D5e Actual Play podcast. We look to have a good time and aren't super sticklers for the rules... well, Russ can be.


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Happy adventuring!

Oct 11, 2017

Making their way into the darkness of the Tomb of Diderius, the adventurers find though Diderius may be granting them wisdom, it won't be an easy ride to get there.

Flint lays some tile. Thia delegates. Nulara gets a work out on a stair master.




We want to hook you up with...

Sep 27, 2017

Riding the airwaves on their newly gifted airship, Flint, Thia and Nulara make their way to the last know location of Varram the White to try and find a lead.

Flint hears whispers in the dark. Thia gets cute with the local authorities. Nulara has a strange meeting in the night. And the adventurers remember they have to...

Sep 13, 2017

In this special mega-sized episode, the whole #DumbDragonCast is in the same room playing, joking and eating! ... so... much... eating...

Flint, Thia and Nulara finally make it back to Luskan to meet up with Maccath the Crimson and find out if the Arcane Brotherhood will help them in their battle against the Cult of the...

Aug 30, 2017

We find our adventurers on a river boat back to Luskan, when they are stopped by a group on Gnolls asking for a toll to pass. Well, I said "Pardon, me!?" That just won't stand.

But the Gnolls are into something more dastardly that Thia, Nulara and Flint can not let rest.

Flint gives the deadliest stare you've ever seen....

Aug 16, 2017



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