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Welcome Dumbgeoneers! We're a weekly D&D5e Actual Play podcast. We look to have a good time and aren't super sticklers for the rules... well, Russ can be.


New to Dumbgeons & Dragons? There's a couple ways to get started!

First, start at Season 01 Episode 01 and work your way through. We have a ton of fun and hope you do too! 😄

Second, we have a series of recap episodes to help speed you along some of the major plot points, catching you up to episode 75.


Be part of the fun and join the journey with us and once you do, please leave a comment. We love to hear your feedback.

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Happy adventuring!


Welcome to Dumbgeons & Dragons!  

A little bit about us; my name is Russ More and I am your Dungeon Master for each episode. I played various RPG style games (Rifts, D&D) through grade school, and then fell off the “wagon” so to speak after friends moved around and away, as sometimes happens.

Fast-forward a bunch of years, and I find myself working at a group of radio stations with 2 of the people in this podcast Tom Laird and Carla Johnson, who happen to listen to another D&D podcast that we all are into. Long story short, we thought it might be fun to play a campaign of our own, so along with my wife Amy we set out on a journey to have fun and slay some dragons!

Another “break-up the band” moment came when Amy and I decide to move to South Korea to pursue a teaching opportunity for Amy. But rather than have that be the end of it all we thought playing over Skype would be a great idea that would also allow us to have our go at something we are all very much interested in, a podcast of our own! Technology these days, right?!

The adventurers in this campaign are;

Amy, who plays an Elven Druid named Thia Amastacia. She likes burning things, long walks on the beach where she then ties up the bad guys she’s been fighting and throws them in the river. Thia has learned an eclectic and useful set of spells to deal maximum damage when it matters most. Thia has a jade serpentine owl figurine who transforms into her mode of transportation/best buddy, Guacamole.

Carla, plays a Human Ranger named Nulara Moonbrook. Nulara is quick with her flaming sword, tossing some sweet nature spells at her foes and often comes up with just the right question to ask in a tough interrogation. She also has a faithful sidekick Donny, a pseudodragon, who sounds kinda like he’s from Boston, or sometimes Ireland… (voices are hard on the fly okay!)

Tom, plays a Dwarven Fighter name Flint Firebeard. Most important about Flint is that he has one bitchin’ beard! Also, he is most often the first through the door, and despite being the tough brutish one, is surprisingly perceptive when it comes to finding key information while dungeon diving.

If you ever have any feedback on anything we’re doing, please send us an email to or track us down on Twitter.

We’re always looking for was to make sure we are, A – playing the game right, and B – taking your opinions into account so we make a really cool podcast that everyone ends up loving. That’s the goal anyways!


Happy Adventuring!